cPanel Plugin File Generator

Plugins allow you to add links from the cPanel interface to your own applications or to third-party sites.

This interface creates plugin files that can contain one or more items. Use the left side of the form to add each of your desired items, then click the Generate button on the right to generate the plugin. You may always find the plugin files in “/var/cpanel/cpanel_plugin_generator”. For more information about registering the plugin, read the documentation.

Required. Use letters, numbers, hyphens (-), and underscores (_).
This option adds a new feature with the same name as the plugin. You can then use WHM Feature Manager to control access to the plugin.
The new group will be added when the current item is added to the plugin that is to be generated.
Required. Use numbers, letters, hyphens (-), underscores and whitespace.
Required. Use Positive integer.
An optional target for the plugin URI
Browse Required. Must be a .png or .svg image. Recommended size is 48px by 48px.
New Plugin Information

Please use the form on the left to add items to this plugin.

Interface Analytics

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