Transfer or Restore a cPanel Account

Transfer or Restore a cPanel Account


  Collapse The Restricted Restore feature performs extra security checks on the backup file. If part of the backup file has a security issue, the system will not restore that part of the backup.

Transfer Options

Select the transfer or restoration method.
Select this option if the cpmove file already exists on the server in one of the predefined locations. Select this option if you want to upload the cpmove file to the server. Select this option if you want to transfer a cPanel account from a remote server.
Select the file on the server to use for the restoration.
Select this option to overwrite any cPanel accounts with the same username.
Overwrite if the cPanel user already exists.

A Records

Replace either all or some of the A records upon restoration for the cPanel account.
Replace all instances of the original server’s IP address with the new IP address, such as in custom A records (default). Only replace basic cPanel-provided A records in zone files.

IP Address

  Collapse Assign a dedicated IP address to the new cPanel account.

Linked Nodes


Select whether to link to a child node. Select the “Use the archive file’s stored configuration.” setting to use the archive file’s stored configuration. If the archive file indicates the use of one of the local server’s linked nodes, the system will attempt to use that linked node. Otherwise, the account will restore to the local server.


Interface Analytics

cPanel, L.L.C. uses Interface Analytics to help us understand how our customers use cPanel & WHM. We take your privacy very seriously, and you can stop data collection at any time. Find out more about Interface Analytics.

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