Background Process Killer

You can configure WHM to kill any of the following processes and send you an email when it finds one of them. Malicious users may run an IRC bouncer on their shell accounts even though this may be against your policy. WHM detects these processes correctly even if the bouncer is renamed (e.g. to something that appears non-malicious like “pine”, to give the impression that the user is just reading email).

Please check the names of any programs you do not want running on your server; we recommend that you check them all since letting users run IRC bots and servers usually leads to denial-of-service attacks.


Trusted users (optional)*  

List users that you want the process killer to ignore, one per line, in the textbox. Note that root, mysql, named, cpanel, and users with UIDs below 99 are already considered trusted and do not need to be added to this list.

Interface Analytics

cPanel, L.L.C. uses Interface Analytics to help us understand how our customers use cPanel & WHM. We take your privacy very seriously, and you can stop data collection at any time. Find out more about Interface Analytics.

Will you allow Interface Analytics data collection for your account?