Apache mod_userdir Tweak

mod_userdir is disabled
Web server processes on this system currently run as the user. For security reasons, the system disabled mod_userdir. Any changes that you make in this interface will not take effect until you enable mod_userdir. To use mod_userdir, you must disable mod_ruid2, mod_itk, and mod_passenger and recompile EasyApache.

Apache httpd’s mod_userdir makes URLs like “http://example.com/~fred” resolve to the indicated user’s (for example, the user “fred”’s) primary web virtual host.

In the above scenario, the transferred data counts against the bandwidth limit for the user that owns “example.com”, not against “fred”’s bandwidth limit. This is often an undesirable behavior.

WHM’s mod_userdir Protection feature addresses this problem by restricting mod_userdir to URLs whose users own the URL’s domains.

Enable mod_userdir Protection
Host Exclude Protection Additional Users
DefaultHost (nobody)
example.com (example)
example.com (nobody)

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