Manage Reseller’s Shared IP

Shared IP for “example”

The Shared IP address is used for “example”’s accounts that do not have a dedicated IP address. Your server supports SNI. For most users, a shared IP address should be sufficient. If your user needs to host SSL content to clients that do not support SNI, that user will need a dedicated IP address. Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ on Windows XP™ is the most widely used web browser that does not support SNI.

Note: This change does not affect accounts that already exist. These accounts can be updated to the new shared IP using the “Change Site’s IP Address” interface.

Choose the new shared IP for “example”:

For “example” to setup SSL hosts through WHM, they must have the SSL Site Management privilege. Alternatively, if a cPanel user account has the “SSL Host Installer” feature, the user may set up SSL hosts through cPanel in the SSL/TLS Manager interface.

If you later change the IP address of a domain through the “Change Site’s IP Address” interface to an address other than the main Shared IP address, users must connect to “” instead of “” in order to authenticate.

Interface Analytics

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