Apache Configuration

Global Configuration

Here you can configure some common directives in httpd.conf’s main context.

DirectoryIndex Priority

The DirectoryIndex directive in Apache specifies which filenames will serve as the directory index page and their priority when more than one matching filename exists. This interface allows the priority order to be specified and allows for the addition of new filenames.

Include Editor

The Apache configuration system is designed to handle the vast majority of configurations. In some cases additional configuration directives are required to allow the Apache httpd server function as desired. The cPanel Apache configuration system uses Include directives to provide hooks in strategic points in order to allow these configurations. These files allow new functionality to be introduced, and are included with the normal Apache configuration. Additionally, you can override or disable some default configuration directives completely.

Reserved IP Address Editor

By default, Apache is configured to listen on all available IP addresses. Apache can be configured to only respond on specific IP addresses. This editor provides an interface to specify the Apache IP address restrictions.

Memory Usage Restrictions

This tool calculates and sets new Apache memory limits. You can update your Apache configuration with the new limits. See RLimitMEM documentation for more information.

Log Rotation

Manage which Apache log files are rotated.

Piped Log Configuration

Configure Apache to use a single log target for all virtual host access and bandwidth logs. The combined logs will be piped to a helper application where they can be split based upon domain. This option will reduce the number of log files Apache manages, which will free system resources. Piped logging is recommended for systems with a large number of domains. This feature defaults to enabled. If you disable this feature, Apache will create distinct log files for each virtual host entry.

Interface Analytics

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