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Statistics Status Summary The server currently is able to keep up with your statistics processing schedule.

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Generators Configuration
Generator Available to Users Active by Default
 Allow Awstats configuration Include file
Awstats Include file option will allow a user defined configuration file to be included at the time of statistics processesing. The include file should be placed in the user's home directory at ~/tmp/awstats/awstats.conf.include. This file can be used to override and add new configuration options to Awstats.

User Permissions
Choose which specific users can modify their web generating software.
Allow all users to change their web statistics generating software.

Schedule Summary
Stat Type Updated
Web Traffic Statistics every 24 hours
Bandwidth Statistics every 2 hours

If you wish to compare data from each statistics program you should only compare data that is at least 36 hours old to ensure that it has been updated and is providing the correct information. Please note these times are estimates, and are subject to change based on the amount of traffic on the server.

Schedule Configuration
Log Processing Frequency
Process log files every hours.
Bandwidth Processing Frequency
Process bandwidth every hours.
Statistics Schedule

Interface Analytics

cPanel, L.L.C. uses Interface Analytics to help us understand how our customers use cPanel & WHM. We take your privacy very seriously, and you can stop data collection at any time. Find out more about Interface Analytics.

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