Service Status

Service Information

The Service Information table only reports monitored services. You can enable service monitoring in Service Manager.
Service Version Status
cpanel-ccs up
cpanel_php_fpm up
cpanellogd up
cpdavd up
cpgreylistd up
cphulkd up
cpsrvd up
crond 1.4.11-25 up
dnsadmin up
exim 4.96-8.cp108~el7 up
httpd 2.4 up
imap 2.3.19 up
ipaliases up
lmtp 2.3.19 up
mailman 2.1.39-1.cp108~el7 up
mysql 5.7 up
nscd 2.17-326 up
pop 2.3.19 up
postgresql 9 up
powerdns 4.7.3-1.cp110~el7 up
queueprocd up
rsyslogd 8.24.0-57 up
spamd 3.4 up
sshd 7.4p1-22 up

System Information

System Item Details Status
Server Load 0.00293 (1 CPU)
Memory Used 52.25% (983,240 of 1,881,908)
Swap Used 34.62% (363,008 of 1,048,572)

Disk Information

Device Mount Point Usage Status
/ / 24% (12,450,632 of 52,417,516)
/tmp /tmp 0% (3,688 of 2,324,168)
/var/tmp /var/tmp 0% (3,688 of 2,324,168)

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