Manage Reseller’s IP Delegation

IP Address Delegation for “example”

IP address delegation determines which IP addresses “example” may dedicate to an owned account. Dedicated IP addresses are commonly used for sites that host SSL content and for users who don’t wish to share an IP address.

A user does not require a dedicated IP address to host SSL content. However, web browsers that do not support SNI may see a security warning when they connect to an SSL website that is not the “primary” SSL website on its IP address. Only a user who has a dedicated IP address can designate an SSL website as the “primary” website on its IP address. Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ on Windows XP™ is the most widely used web browser that does not support SNI.

For “example” to set up the SSL hosts through WHM, they must have the SSL Site Management privilege. Alternatively, if a cPanel user account has the “SSL Host Installer” feature, the user may set up SSL hosts through cPanel in the SSL/TLS Manager interface.
  • This option allows “example” to dedicate any available IP address to an owned account.

  • This option restricts “example” to only be able to dedicate one of the checked IP addresses below to an owned account.

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